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Option Code 150: DHCP Configuration for Cisco VOIP Phones

I spent Saturday at the office finalizing some of the network functionality in our two offices. One of the main things we needed to implement was a DHCP server at the sattelite office, because our DHCP needs go beyond what the Cisco router we use can offer. Primarily the limitation is in regards to requiring multiple domains in our search path for the DHCP clients. In any case, we decided to simply install a Linux server (Debian 5.0 in this case) and run DHCP from there. Installing and configuring DHCP is nothing new for me, and it was configured fairly quickly for the three subnets we use in that office. The difficult part, and the part I had to spend some time on Google looking up, was in regards to our Cisco Phones. Because we would be disabling the Cisco router DHCP functionality it all had to be replaced on the Linux server. Read more