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Force Contiguous Extents in LVM

This afternoon I was doing a little reading about the best method for installing Arch Linux on LVM. The process is easy if you’re familiar with LVM–if you’ve setup LVM manually. If you don’t understand how LVM works or if you’ve only ever done automated or graphical LVM creation it’ll be more work. It has to be done manually and outside of the main setup utility. In any event, an explanation of LVM is for another post. During the reading I did learn a little tip about how to force your logical volumes to use contiguous partitions/disks/extents. In situations where disk performance is critical, forcing your logical volumes to use contiguous extents (or not span multiple physical drives, in the case) can be beneficial. To force your logical volume to use contiguous extents at creation you need to use the -C option. Example: lvcreate -C y -L 10G VolGroup -n swap<br /> Read more