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Feedback For Arch Linux AUR PKGBUILDs

I’ve been spending some time building packages for Arch Linux (very easy, btw!). I’ve put together a package for Origami, the Folding@Home management tool, as I wrote about recently. I’m also now maintaining the Chromium Browser package for Arch Linux in AUR, which has been a lot of fun. Also, just last nite, I built a flashplugin-universal package, which installs both 64bit and 32bit flashplayer. I found that I needed this because I’m running x86_64 but I’m running both 32bit and 64bit browsers regularly. Having both flashplayer architectures installed allows me to have flash in any of the browsers, which is nice. Some of you Arch64 users might find it useful. I’d love any feedback anyone can give me on the packages, particularly with PKGBUILD standards, efficiency and dependencies. Thank you.

origami now available in Arch User Repository (AUR)

If you’ve been following my other blog ( you know I’ve developed a management tool for running Folding@Home clients on Linux distributions. It started out a bit Red Hat specific, but has since been ported to Debian families and finally Arch Linux. I just finished applying my latest patches and put together a PKGBUILD for it. I’m happy to be able to say that origami is now available to the general public in the community repository. If you’re interested in trying it out, there are two methods you can use to install it: Method 1 (manual): wget -c<br /> makepkg -si<br /> Method 2 (yaourt): yaourt -S origami I would probably suggest the yaourt method, as it is a little more automated and will provide the dependencies you might need. One of the dependencies (lsb-release) is only available via the AUR so, again, yaourt will take care of that for you. Read more

Things To Remember

Well I just spent the last hour trying to build the latest version of origami. Man, what a pain! I thought I’d quickly jot down the few things that I learned so that I will (hopefully) not repeat those mistakes again! only needs a list of the docs, not the destination directory. lintian tells you how to fix the problem. Pay attention and read! spell “licenses” correctly if you’re going to refer to “common-licenses” At this point it looks like the only thing I have left to create is a man page and, according to lintian, origami will be error-free. Anyone know how’n the hell to do that? 🙂 Until I figure that out I’m going to take this debian/ directory and save it in a bzr branch so if I get lost again I have a good, valid, working copy. Big thanks to LaserJock for the help today! Read more

Thinking About Goals…

I spent some time this morning thinking about what I would like to do in the MOTU land. What projects/packages are important to me? What areas would I like to focus on? I wanted to write these down because, of course, until you write down a goal its just a wish. New Packages: I would like origami to be 100% compliant and available in Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid” I would like the EeePC to be supported / configured by way of a simple package installation. I know it is not recommended to start with new packaging when just getting started, but these are listed as some of my longer term goals for Ubuntu 8.10. Before I get to this point I hope to be of some help during the merge process and help with patches as well. I will continue to try and update daily with progress, thoughts and study. Read more