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Google Chrome Developer Preview Available For OS X

I just downloaded and am now using Google Chrome: Developer Preview for Apple OS X. These builds are also available for Linux, but I have not yet tried them. If you’d like to test them out, you can get the builds here: OS X, Linux 32bit, Linux 64bit. More information available here. So far I have found only one bug, but I’m sure there are others lurking somewhere. Despite the early release and the issues I think this is a great development! Google Chrome is not limited to just Windows anymore! I really think Google is changing the way browsers are not only designed but also leveraged for rich internet applications.

Remove Unneeded Languages in Mac OS X

I ran into this little tip today on Command-Line-Fu. It automagically finds and deletes all non-english language sets installed on your machine. This is, of course, a Mac OS X tip so you wont get very far running it on your Linux machine. I have two OS X desktops at home so I found it applicable. I know there are quite a few of you closet OS X users out there as well. We’ll just let this one be our little secret. sudo find / -iname "*.<span class="searchhit">lproj</span>" -and ! -iname "en*" -print0 | tee /dev/stderr | xargs -0 rm -rfv<br /> Can anyone suggest making this command any more efficient? Just looking at it (without testing) I may have tried something like this: sudo find / -iname "*.lproj" -and ! -iname "en*" -exec rm -rf {} \;