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origami now available in Arch User Repository (AUR)

If you’ve been following my other blog ( you know I’ve developed a management tool for running Folding@Home clients on Linux distributions. It started out a bit Red Hat specific, but has since been ported to Debian families and finally Arch Linux. I just finished applying my latest patches and put together a PKGBUILD for it. I’m happy to be able to say that origami is now available to the general public in the community repository. If you’re interested in trying it out, there are two methods you can use to install it: Method 1 (manual): wget -c<br /> makepkg -si<br /> Method 2 (yaourt): yaourt -S origami I would probably suggest the yaourt method, as it is a little more automated and will provide the dependencies you might need. One of the dependencies (lsb-release) is only available via the AUR so, again, yaourt will take care of that for you. Read more