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Install Android Fonts (ttf-droid) on Arch Linux

I read a blog post recently outlining how to install the ttf-droid package — Android Fonts — on Ubuntu. Because I’m using Arch Linux on my two machines at work I decided to look into the possibility of installing them on that platform. Turns out, thankfully, the ttf-droid package is available in the Arch User Repository. I’ve now switched both of my office machines to this new font set and I really enjoy it. It has a very clean, crisp look. It’s not boxy or thick like a lot of other fonts I’ve seen used (I’m looking at you, Fedora). Here are the instructions on installing the ttf-droid fonts on your Arch Linux machine: Yet Another User Repository Tool (yaourt) If you are using the unfortunately named yaourt package management frontend you can install directly from the AUR using the command: yaourt -S ttf-droid If you are simply using pacman you’ll need to grab the PKGBUILD from the AUR and manually install. Read more