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dell d630

Dell Latitude D630 – FreeBSD 7.0 – SLiM – OpenBox – Firefox 3

Last you heard from me I was trying out FreeBSD 7.0 and mentioned that I would try to write down some of the things that I’d learned. For this post I thought I’d outline the steps I took to do my installation, including getting all the goodies working (wireless, sound, etc). This guide is hardware-specific to the Dell Latitude D630. Installation To begin the installation I used the steps outlined on this post (USB based installation). I used the entire drive and partitioned as follows: 512M / 2G swap 2G /var 1G /tmp [remaining] /usr I then selected the “Minimal” option, for a base install around 200M. I did add Linux compatibility when prompted, also added SSH login and customized the terminal options to “SWISS” for a slightly better console resolution. I set my timezone appropriately, selected any remaining defaults and reboot the machine. At this point you’ll have a very bare system, so you’ll want to add a few more things. Read more