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FreeBSD 7.0 – Finding and Loading the Correct Sound Driver

After getting my desktop setup (following these steps) I realized that I didn’t have working sound. It took me a bit of digging around and help from IRC to find out how. I hope to make this a bit easier for others by getting it on the web and into the infinite wisdom of Google. First of all you need to find the right module. The method that I used initially was a bit of a shotgun approach, but it ended up telling me the right module in the end. If you’re coming from Linux you might be familiar with the ‘modprobe’ tool for adding and removing modules from your kernel. In FreeBSD this tool is ‘kldload’. So, what we’ll do is load the ‘snd_driver’ module, which will end up telling us which one. This may take some time and your machine may be unresponsive for a few moments. Don’t panic (…unless, of course, it remains unresponsive for more than five-minutes). Read more