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Database Trouble Today

I apologize for the trouble on the site today. I made a minor little mistake with a database and spent the entire day trying to solve it. It appears that everything is working as expected now and I want to thank Stephen Shaw for helping me out, just as I was about to give up. Great work–good eye! I’m going to make sure I have some healthy backups at this point, and perhaps I’ll find a little time to blog about the whole situation. Mainly what to avoid and what tips I’ve found in the process. Thank you again for your patience. Let me know if you find anything out of place on the site.

WordPress Permalink Support: FreeBSD + Lighttpd

I love FreeBSD for how efficient and minimalistic it can be. For my web servers I like to add to this efficiency by using Lighttpd instead of the larger, older, Apache. The one little issue with Lighttpd vs Apache is getting all the same module support setup for all the little tweaks that you’ve come to enjoy. I should mention that Lighttpd supports many of the same modules that Apache does, and once you learn how they work I think they are even more intuitive than Apache’s config. One of the most important to me is the mod_rewrite for use with my WordPress blogs. As you can see from the URL I use fancy addresses for my posts. %date%/%name%, etc. I think this is more user friendly (not to mention Google-friendly) than something like php?=53. What kind of URL is that? In any case, a very simple way to achieve this in Lighttpd is to use the following single line in your lighttpd. Read more

New Theme

I spent some time this afternoon on the bus ride home setting a new theme to the blog here. I’ve also cleaned up the categories. Ohh, and the most exciting part (even if it is transparent to the end-user), I upgraded to WordPress trunk. If you have not seen the new dashboard in WP 2.7 you should really check it out. Its really clean and slick–I really like it. In any event, I hope to continue my FreeBSD and miscellaneous posts here while the ‘buntu specific stuff will be on Ubuntu Tutorials.