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Require Authentication For Multiple Directories in Lighttpd

I have a domain that I use to hold my notes, personal wiki, html versions of books and magazines, and other assorted resources. Much of this I want to remain private so I’ve implemented Lighttpd access restrictions at the root of those directories. I had a little bit of trouble this evening adding additional directories to my restriction list, so I thought I would make a note of it here. Hopefully it’ll help anyone else running into similar trouble. <br /> $HTTP["host"] =~ "domain.tld" {<br /> auth.require = (<br /> "/secret/" => (<br /> "method" => "basic",<br /> "realm" => "Password Protected Area",<br /> "require" => "valid-user",<br /> ),<br /> "/private/" => (<br /> "method" => "basic",<br /> "realm" => "Password Protected Area",<br /> "require" => "valid-user",<br /> )<br /> )<br /> } The cause of my problem was the missing comma between the directory names. If you’re going to limit access to multiple directories in a list like this it needs to be a comma separated list. Read more