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Things To Remember

Well I just spent the last hour trying to build the latest version of origami. Man, what a pain! I thought I’d quickly jot down the few things that I learned so that I will (hopefully) not repeat those mistakes again! only needs a list of the docs, not the destination directory. lintian tells you how to fix the problem. Pay attention and read! spell “licenses” correctly if you’re going to refer to “common-licenses” At this point it looks like the only thing I have left to create is a man page and, according to lintian, origami will be error-free. Anyone know how’n the hell to do that? 🙂 Until I figure that out I’m going to take this debian/ directory and save it in a bzr branch so if I get lost again I have a good, valid, working copy. Big thanks to LaserJock for the help today! Read more