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Automatically Upgrade Debian With Each Stable Release

I recently migrated my VPS from Slicehost to Linode and I’ve been very happy with them. One of the changes that I made during this move was to try out Debian 5.0 as my base OS instead of Ubuntu 8.04. So far I have been pleased with the change–although I’ll admit there isn’t much that is different on the server installation. One of the few differences that I have found is in regards to the repository configuration. One feature in Debian that is not available in Ubuntu is the ability to configure your sources.list to the stable release.. whatever version that happens to be. Let me explain. Repository Configuration Ubuntu, a variant of Debian, uses the /etc/apt/sources.list to configure which repositories to subscribe to for available packages and errata updates. Generally these repositories are subscribed to by way of development codename. For example: intrepid main restricted universe multiverse Read more