Bastille: Secure Container Automation at SCaLE18x

By | 01/28/2020

I am looking forward to presenting “Bastille: Secure Container Automation” at SCaLE18x. This demonstrates the container automation I’ve layered atop FreeBSD’s mature container system, jails.

Bastille is an open-source system for automating deployment and management of containerized applications on FreeBSD.

Bastille automates deployment and management of containers using a container technology *old enough to buy you a drink! We’ve taken automation concepts learned from leading config management contenders and combined them with the ORIGINAL container technology. FreeBSD introduced containers in April 1999, pre-dating every other container technology available. Imagine, a reliable container technology that has had two decades to work out bugs. Talk about production ready! This talk will outline design features and demonstrate secure container automation in the cloud and on the Raspberry Pi.

* Bastille uses FreeBSD Jails as the container platform.

To learn more about getting started with containers on FreeBSD see the Bastille Getting Started Guide.

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