Arch Linux 2010.05 Installer Issue [FIXED]

By | 05/18/2010

I reinstalled my Dell Latitude D630 this afternoon using the new Arch Linux installer (2010.05) netinstall. I had an issue however where the live image would start to boot and then I’d get a blank screen. I quickly realized what the problem was, and found a fix.

Note: it looks like it is a similar issue to the one found here.

Basically, the fix that I found, was to append the following to the kernel line at the initial boot prompt:


This is done by hitting the [TAB] key at the boot prompt of the installer and appending that text to the end.

I wanted to get this out in hopes that it’d help others with the same problem.

Good luck, and happy Arch’ing.

2 thoughts on “Arch Linux 2010.05 Installer Issue [FIXED]

  1. Donny

    thanks bro thats awesome. second on the google search results list, and it works sweet as. could you explain what it does though?

  2. Matthieu

    Thanks for this. I suspected it was a kernel flag/arg but couldn’t figure out what to type.

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