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How to enable ccache with OS X MacPorts

I’ve had a 13″ Macbook for about your years now. When I learned about MacPorts I was really happy to know I could run newer software, and compile things to my liking. These days I run a development environment on my Macbook, all built using MacPorts. This post covers how to leverage ccache in compiling… Read More »

Fix Home and End Keys: Mac OS X

One of the things that has long bugged me about Mac OS X (one of the few things!) is the different way that the Home and End keys function inside a document. I have long been used to Home moving to the beginning of the current line, and End moving to the end of the… Read More »

Remove Unneeded Languages in Mac OS X

I ran into this little tip today on Command-Line-Fu.  It automagically finds and deletes all non-english language sets installed on your machine.  This is, of course, a Mac OS X tip so you wont get very far running it on your Linux machine.  I have two OS X desktops at home so I found it… Read More »