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Gregarius : Server Side Feed Reader

I’ve spent the last week casually hunting around for alternate feed readers.  I’ve been using Google Reader for some time now. but I’ve been growing tired of it.  Desktop clients just don’t quite cut it for me as, just at work, I’m regularly between three different machines.  I think I’ve found one that I like! … Read More »

Install Chromium Browser on Arch Linux

Update: I’ve submitted a patch to the existing PKGBUILD in the AUR which brings the Chromium Browser up to yesterdays nightly build.  Much improved from the previous. I saw a post recently on the Planet Ubuntu Users, again by Stefano Forenza, regarding installing and testing the latest daily Chromium browser builds.  That got me curious… Read More »

Restrict Edit-Access to MediaWiki

I setup a personal wiki some time ago but it quickly was overrun by spam.  Just about the point that I considered abandoning it altogether I figured out how to restrict edit access.  This post, more than anything, is a note to myself… but as always it’ll end up on the Google machine and hopefully… Read More »