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Running Dell DSET 3.2 on CentOS 6.2

Earlier today I was working with Dell Support to gather information about a broken system. It was suggested that I use their DSET utility to gather data and return a report. The problem is, DSET doesn’t natively support CentOS, so some tweaks were needed in order for it to run properly. In this post I’ll… Read More »

Configure Serial Console Access on CentOS 5

Today I built some virtual machines on a KVM platform (Ubuntu 10.04 Server as the host). The three virtual machines are CentOS 5, i386 and will be used primarily for internal application testing. One of the requirements for using these machines in a virtual environment was configuring back-end console access from the host. The virtual… Read More »

JailKit : How To Create SSH Jails

Not long ago we rebuilt a number of servers within our production environment at work, migrating from FreeBSD to CentOS. One of the requirements in this migration was that we needed a server that would act as an SSH-only Jail on the new platform. This meant I needed to setup a system where users could… Read More »

How To Configure PXE Boot on CentOS 5

The other day I blogged about how to extract the kernel and ramdisk from the DBAN downloadable image.  These two files would be useful in the situation where you might want to PXE (network) boot a machine and have it wiped.  (Something like this may be common prior to dispositioning a machine at work, or… Read More »