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Dropbox : Easy Way To Share and Store Files Online

I’ve been auditing some of the applications that I use day-to-day and thought I might share some tips about them. I’ve found that most people tend to get comfortable with a certain set of applications and rarely break out of that set. The beauty of the Free Software world is that the number and quality… Read More »

Gnome Terminal Shortcut Keys

I’m a keyboard junky.  I’ll admit it.  Anytime I *have* to use the mouse I feel like I’ve just slowed down my work.  Considering most of the work (at least my work) is done directly into the keyboard, taking my hand off the keys to move something is time I’m not getting back.  To that… Read More »

Gregarius : Server Side Feed Reader

I’ve spent the last week casually hunting around for alternate feed readers.  I’ve been using Google Reader for some time now. but I’ve been growing tired of it.  Desktop clients just don’t quite cut it for me as, just at work, I’m regularly between three different machines.  I think I’ve found one that I like! … Read More »

Install Chromium Browser on Arch Linux

Update: I’ve submitted a patch to the existing PKGBUILD in the AUR which brings the Chromium Browser up to yesterdays nightly build.  Much improved from the previous. I saw a post recently on the Planet Ubuntu Users, again by Stefano Forenza, regarding installing and testing the latest daily Chromium browser builds.  That got me curious… Read More »

Temporarily Disable Aliases in Bash

Shell aliases are commonly used to replace a command with a different or longer string.  Some very common bash shell aliases are: (taken from my Debian 5.0 .bashrc) alias ll=’ls -l’ alias la=’ls -A’ alias l=’ls -CF’ alias ls=’ls –color=auto’ alias dir=’dir –color=auto’ alias vdir=’vdir –color=auto’ alias grep=’grep –color=auto’ alias fgrep=’fgrep –color=auto’ alias egrep=’egrep –color=auto’… Read More »

Force Contiguous Extents in LVM

This afternoon I was doing a little reading about the best method for installing Arch Linux on LVM.  The process is easy if you’re familiar with LVM–if you’ve setup LVM manually.  If you don’t understand how LVM works or if you’ve only ever done automated or graphical LVM creation it’ll be more work.  It has… Read More »

Remove Unneeded Languages in Mac OS X

I ran into this little tip today on Command-Line-Fu.  It automagically finds and deletes all non-english language sets installed on your machine.  This is, of course, a Mac OS X tip so you wont get very far running it on your Linux machine.  I have two OS X desktops at home so I found it… Read More »