Dell Latitude E5500 Wireless Fedora 14

By | 11/19/2010

Dell Latitude E5500 Wireless – Fedora 14

I recently needed to send my main work machine in for repairs so I temporarily used a Dell Latitude E5500 while my normal D630 was away. Boy did I have trouble with the hardware on this machine! This blog post is a meagre attempt at outlining what was required of me to get some hardware supported. Hopefully this helps some other poor soul along the way.

Wireless Driver

In order to enable Wireless on the Dell Latitude E5500 (bcm4322), you’ll need to follow the steps below. This requires a “nonfree” driver from the rpmfusion repository, as well as an addition to the kernel parameter in GRUB. It’s not so bad once you know the requirements, the trouble is finding the requirements (again, the reason for this post!)

Install the rpmfusion nonfree repository using the command:

rpm -Uvh

With this repository now added, you’ll be able to install the broadcom-wl package.

yum install broadcom-wl

Kernel Parameters

The last addition you’ll need to make is to append a parameter to your kernel configuration in GRUB.  Append the following to GRUB on the kernel entries:


Reboot your machine, and when you come back up you should be online!

I hope these little tips help someone else get wireless running in Fedora. Lack of wireless sure can be a deal-breaker. Here’s to winning that battle!

2 thoughts on “Dell Latitude E5500 Wireless Fedora 14

  1. Mathias Larsen

    Oh, I hate the broadcom-wl driver.
    I use it in Arch Linux and a bug in the driver makes me unable to join a network with a hidden SSID.

  2. chanux

    On my test laptop Dell Latitude e5500, on Fedora 16, installing rpmfusion non-free and broadcom=wl was enough. no need kernerl parameter change.

    Works on Hidden SSID too..

    Thanks a million

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