Things To Remember

By | 05/27/2008

Well I just spent the last hour trying to build the latest version of origami.  Man, what a pain!  I thought I’d quickly jot down the few things that I learned so that I will (hopefully) not repeat those mistakes again!

  1. only needs a list of the docs, not the destination directory.
  2. lintian tells you how to fix the problem.  Pay attention and read!
  3. spell “licenses” correctly if you’re going to refer to “common-licenses”

At this point it looks like the only thing I have left to create is a man page and, according to lintian, origami will be error-free.  Anyone know how’n the hell to do that? 🙂

Until I figure that out I’m going to take this debian/ directory and save it in a bzr branch so if I get lost again I have a good, valid, working copy.

Big thanks to LaserJock for the help today!

One thought on “Things To Remember

  1. nixternal

    Just take a look at another man page in a different package. Groff is what is used for manpages. Some other apps I know people like are txt2man, help2man, ManEdit, or even docbook.

    The nice thing about help2man is that is will take what you would normally get from running ‘command –help’ and manpage format it. This makes your job easier by taking a lot of the manual typing or copy and pasting away.

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